Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No on 3.

This legislation would redefine rape in a new, terrible way by saying that it is only legitimate rape if excessive force is used. This means that women who were drugged or coerced will not be able to have a funded abortion because their rapes will not be seen as "real" in the eyes of the government. Thus, they cannot be included in the "rape and incest clause" that would help them pay for their abortion. This legislation pointedly denies abortion access to poor women and women who cannot prove that their rapes are "real." Tell the GOP and the supporting Democrats (yes, there are Democrats supporting this) that all rape is real rape, whether there are bruises or not. And that all women deserve abortion care and access.

Also, if you have Twitter, Sady Doyle, who blogs at is spearheading a protest against the proposed legislation. Check out #DearJohn on Twitter.

There is more here:

and here:

and here:


and here:

Check it out. And contact your representative(s)!

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