Friday, November 26, 2010

sometimes, yeah sometimes, i wish i were a boy

This post is inspired by the Ciara video, "Like a Boy" that Koz posted earlier.
I like collecting songs that make direct comments on gender. These next songs in particular (including the Ciara one) investigate a gender role-reversal. I would be surprised to find a similar hypothetical, sung by a man wishing he were a woman or at least considering what it would be like. If such a song existed, in the state of popular music now, it would never chart like a Beyonce gender-bender jam about being a detached, cheatery cop.


Another song by Beyonce... The video being sort of a feminist throwback, vibing on  fifties suburban housewives. The lyrics though are decidedly about the singer's value as percieved by the man she's with- singing "why don't you love me". The most powerfully delivered line repeats "theres nothing not to love about me". No mention on how she feels about him, whether or not there is nothing not to love about him. At one point she does posit that he may not be the one. No joke!

** there is a weird R-Kelly answer remix version of this song if you feel like checking it out.